Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Provincial arbitrator rules TTC didn’t protect its employees from harassment on Twitter - Toronto Star report

Have any of you ever sat and watched the @gotransit twitter feed? It's appalling how grown adults conduct themselves. The verbal abuse lobbied at the people who work the social media feed for Metrolinx/GO Transit would make your toes curl...

From the Toronto Star:

In a labour ruling believed to be the first of its kind in Ontario, a provincial arbitrator has censured the TTC for its behaviour on Twitter, determiningthat the transit agency didn’t do enough to protect its employees from harassment on social media.

The case centres on the commission’s @TTChelps Twitter profile, which the agency launched in 2012to field questions and complaints from the public. The union that represents TTC workers filed a grievance about the account in 2013.

According to a decision released earlier this month, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 argued that by operating @TTChelps the agency was “providing a forum for haters and abusers to heap abuse” on employees, and failed to “effectively deal with that abuse.”


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