Monday, May 8, 2017

Because who doesn't love some 4:10 pm LSE Go train drama!?

date:Mon, May 8, 2017 at 7:42 AM
subject:Drama on the 4.10

So, I managed to catch the 4:10 last Wednesday.  Sitting upstairs by a window, reading my book and waiting to get home and enjoy some of the last nice weather before Sprinter came again.

In the quad in front of me was a young man (YM).  Sitting with headphones and reading a book, half falling asleep.

Between Eglinton and Guildwood a fare inspector comes up (BTW first one I have seen in months!).  Across the aisle from YM was a couple of young women.  One of them hadn't paid her fare and the inspector was writing up her ticket or warning.

At the same time, he woke up YM and asked to see his fare.  He spent a good five minutes "looking" for his wallet/Proof of Fare and couldn't find anything.  Not a problem, inspector was going to give him a ticket/warning after dealing with the young woman.

Before Rouge Hill, YM gets up and starts walking away.  Inspector asks where he is going, YM says off the train because he couldn't find his ticket.  Inspector finishes the young woman's ticket and went after YM.

As we were almost at Rouge Hill station, a passenger gets up to walk down to the doors.  He then comes back up to go to the other set of doors saying something about a scene.

At Pickering, I get up from my quad to move into the empty one across the aisle from where I was sitting to get sorted to disembark at Ajax.  I look out the window just in time to see YM being hauled off the train in handcuffs.  Blood on his face and spattered on his shirt.  Two inspectors and 2 witnesses were there.  They had to keep putting YM into a seat on the bench as he kept getting up and trying to attack people.

The one witness did find the wallet in the backpack.  Not certain what else happened as the train was already pulling out of the station.

After I finally processed what I saw all I could think was that this was a hell of a way to get out of paying a fare.  $10 or so is not worth that hassle.

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