Tuesday, May 30, 2017

(updated CCTV images attached) Someone ripped out my heart, tossed it on the ground, and stomped on it

Below are still images from the CCTV footage of the two kids (kids! not teens as I was first told, although I guess they could be 13/14 - it's hard to tell) who took Veronica. The lock, by the way, is still attached to the bike as he rides away. It would take a laser saw to get it off!


Remember Veronica?

Veronica was stolen last night.

Veronica is my bike. And she's been taken from me.

I ride several times a month from Courtice to Bowmanville and back via several routes, and one of the routes takes me right past the Canadian Tire at Green Road and Highway 2. Last night I decided to stop there and make a purchase. While I was in the store, my bike was taken.

There's video of the theft. The video shows me locking up the bike. I remember being really intent on getting the lock connected because it was my first time using it. In the video, which I have not yet seen, but the manager of the store has, you see me checking the lock. What I don't do ... are you ready?! I don't make sure I actually looped the cable through the ring of the coiled bike rack.


Neither can I!

My face grows hot and red just thinking about how stupid I am. But, as the assistant manager pointed out, it doesn't matter. Someone still stole something that was mine. Everyone at the Canadian Tire who helped me after I discovered the theft (literally 5 minutes from the time my cycling app paused to the time stamp on the receipt of what I purchased) were amazing and incredibly sympathetic. They cared about me as a customer and it showed.

This is Veronica. The day I bought her. That's my kid. She's heartbroken this has happened - even more than me. She knows how much cycling means to me. This bike has been a huge part of my recovery from serious injury and depression. I can get another bike but I don't WANT another bike. I will be getting one, but I shouldn't have to.

Please share this post on Facebook. It's garage sale season in Durham Region. She may turn up on someone's driveway. Whatever you pay for it, I'll reimburse you. She's a 2015 Giant Liv Cypress W. Serial # C1AK7192. She's blue. She had lights all around. Phone mount. Basket mount. Headlight. Mirror. Water Bottle Holder. She was stolen in Bowmanville in front of the Canadian Tire store on May 29, 2017 at approximately 7:39 pm. And if by chance you know the teens/young men who took it, there's a reward for its return. Please.... Do the right thing.

I really want her back.
SMS 9054427423