Tuesday, December 19, 2017

An update to the Metrolinx not being a nice neighbour story

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Metrolinx RER Public Consultations Ignore Resident’s Concerns

Longboat Avenue residents have submitted a formal complaint to the Ontario Minister of the Environment to dispute the recent approval of the Metrolinx RER Electrification Environmental Report ( Residents were blind-sided by this approval as consultations were ongoing. This approval may contravene the MoE Environmental Assessment Process (

As part of the Regional Express Rail plan, Metrolinx is proposing to add a new track, E0, along the Union Station Rail Corridor East. This track will run within 15 meters of public and private housing and businesses, including a daycare center. Residents have expressed concerns relating to safety, noise, pollution and environmental degradation. Metrolinx has provided inaccurate and incomplete information to residents. Metrolinx  did not provide the required notifications with respect to the RER Environmental Report. Metrolinx is deliberately ignoring public safety and environmental concerns. 


frankie said...

Very happy to listen about the developments being held with no pollution.I hope that this project is completed and more projects like it are made.Good Blog.

Anonymous said...

I expect the construction to be bad, but with electric trains RER will make GO far quieter.