Thursday, December 14, 2017

Monday night, 11 passengers were trapped in an elevator at Whitby GO for close to 2 hours


G said...

I'm going to be the bad guy for saying it, but I'll bet none of those 11 people had any actual need to use the elevator so my first thought was that it serves them right. I used to ride with a colleague who had a legitimate medical problem and needed to take the elevator, but she'd always have to wait forever because it was loaded with people too damn lazy to walk down a flight of stairs.

Unknown said...


For the most part I agree with you. However, there are a lot of people who look fine but actually couldn't do a full flight of stairs at that moment in time.

Myself, I will take the elevator from time to time. I do not have a mobility device but if my knee hurts, I can't force it to go down the stairs. That and the sighs, asides, and comments from those behind me when I do take the stairs makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

BTW I was stuck on an elevator in Ajax one morning this past spring. It was because one extra person forced their way on and the car was above the weight limit. It went almost up, then came down. But we did call the person on the other side of the box and that person had no clue where we were (even after we explained our whereabouts) so it makes me wonder if something similar was at play with the lengthy wait.

Anonymous said...

It is rarely a pleasant experience being stuck in an elevator.
Unfortunately, many people unnecessarily take the elevators in the stations. I understood they are intended for mobility challenged individuals, parents with strollers, etc. When I see fully capable mobility eased persons taking the elevators it is aggravating. Especially at my station Bramalea. The elevators are down usually once a week.