Wednesday, December 6, 2017

‘Ask Metrolinx’ Town Hall an Opportunity to Engage with Senior Management

Metrolinx CEO Phil Verster is hosting the first “Ask Metrolinx” town hall to give the public direct access to both him and his senior management team to answer questions about transit and transportation in the GTHA.

This is an opportunity for our neighbours, customers and community members to engage directly with leaders at Metrolinx as we move forward with planning, building and operating the region’s transportation system. 

Here are the ways you can engage with us:
·         Questions can be submitted online at – or asked in real-time (online or in-person).
·         Participants will have the opportunity to prioritize the questions submitted online by voting for their favourites at the week leading up to the event.
·         The town hall can be attended in person or via live webcast.
·         A video of the town hall will be posted online after the event.

The team will be available to media following the questions from the public.
Date:               Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Time:             6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Location:        97 Front Street West
                        Peter R. Smith Boardroom – 4th floor


deepfish said...

I can't think of a way that this will not go extremely unwell.

CJ Smith said...

That's going to depend on who is managing it. If done right, it should be ok despite how heated it could become. I think it's a great first step to transparency.

Anonymous said...

Popcorn! I need Popcorn!

Skin Man said...

Interested in the results, but I've completed so many survey's with the promise of a draw - but not seen any winners.....scam?

Anonymous said...

Great timing after this morning's debacle!

Unknown said...

I was thinking the same thing Anon. But I doubt this morning will be addressed.

Anonymous said...

God I hate public meetings... Our resident's association submitted a couple of questions relating to the loud track maintenance machinery. It's a near nightly occurrence now - loud machines, 'back beeping'... Sleeping is hit and miss, ear plugs or not. One of my neighbours is building a sound wall. And now Metrolinx want to put a track 13 feet closer to our houses.

The problem is they have no metrics - they don't know how loud these machines are or what levels cause disturbances so they just send them out.

I fully expect lots of heated questions and lots of bland non specific answers.

Bicky said...

Squiggles, this morning's LSE debacle was addressed. Completely unacceptable was the phrase used. They clamped the switch so trains could get through tonight and will send out a team to fix it right.

Skin Man said...

I just don't get how switches can fail....trains are used all over the world in cold climates...why is this problem not solved?

GO Voyageur said...

I agree, Skin Man. Switch and signal issues are the Achilles' heel of GO Transit train service. Until those problems are resolved, Metrolinx might as well forget electrification of the trains.