Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Renovations at GO Burlington hit the five year mark

Date:               Fri, 1 Dec 2017 21:07:52 -0500
From:              GO Voyageur
Subject:           December 1, 2017… Is it time to party?

Hi Cindy,

Well, it’s December 1, and that means but one thing — the renovation of Burlington GO station celebrates its fifth anniversary.  So, what to do?  Another premium cupcake from Longos, the finest Metrolinx-green china that Dollarama has to offer, a candle, et voilĂ !

I don’t see the solar panels planned for the roof.  Do you?

Construction pylons still litter the walk to the East tunnel.  An electrical extension cord snaked its way from the outlet, up the pillar, across the rafters, and into a work area behind temporary doors that have been there an eternity.  Two construction folk emerged from behind the doors to chat in the sunny corridor and then disappeared again.

One of the elevators to the West tunnel was not usable.  Hmmm… I didn’t actually test the other one.  My bad.

The foyer of this station is huge, but there isn’t much in the way of seating.  For those hoping for a cup of java on their way to work, dream on.  There are stories that a Tim Hortons location is coming (“soon”?).

Sorry, no party.  But the weather was beautiful!




Anonymous said...

In GO's eyes, it's done I think, and they're onto the next debacle. I almost expect to see a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner across the platform.

G said...

The Burj Khalifa only took six years to build, but I'm sure a GO Station is a much more complicated project...

Tal Hartsfeld said...

It's the same story everywhere with street repairs, road construction, interior remodeling, or tearing down old structures and building new ones:
It seems like they'll never get themselves together. They're always messing around with something. Some projects seem to drag on eternally---"Still working on it. I don't think they'll EVER get it finished".

Forget livability and functionality.

deepfish said...

Last minute complications. They have to position the no smoking signs to be at once unclear and equivocal and lacking in effect.
Seems to be a zeitgeist of Metrolinks - promise the moon and then do less than the bare minimum to enforce or execute it.

Anonymous said...

It will be chaos there come January, I hear Burlington Transit are moving to the same side as the GO bus. Apparently I heard Tim Hortons wasn’t going in until local Transit was moved to that side.