Monday, June 21, 2010


For those of you with rice paper bladders, washrooms will be unlocked on the accessibility coaches of all trains or so says the customer service ambassador riding my 5:20 train tonight.
Since most of my readers are people who work for GO, I have to give props to the ambassadors and how they're becoming more and more creative with the 7-minute long G-20 announcements.

But I'd still like to see some jazz hands!


Anonymous said...

Why is this not being announced? Or even posted on the go train website???! I'm sitting right by the bathroom on the 7:21 train from Whitby and generally take the 5:10 home. I still haven't noticed any locked bathrooms - when is this starting?

To all you readers that ARE go train employees... How about some answers? You can relay to your higher bosses that riders are getting mixed messages!!! (but what else is new)

Anonymous said...

Officially, it's business as usual from now until Friday night. I think the gun was jumped by prematurely suggesting to riders GO would lock washrooms on trains.

Washrooms remain unlocked. On Sat/Sun, a decision has not been made yet that I know of.