Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rudeness in action

I took the 5:53 today. The train was packed.

There were 2 women with rolling suitcases on board. One had her suitcase down on the floor in front of her legs and the other, shown with a black square on her head, had her suitcase on the seat next to her.

In the second photo, below, you will notice all the space under her seat and in the aisle where she could put her suitcase.

Why? So she could give this lady, who sat on the WET STEPS a seat.

I offered her mine but she pointedly looked at these two women when she said, "Oh, thank you but I'm okay to sit on the floor".

It amazes people are so rude. And clueless. People should be forced to pay extra fare for excess baggage at peak times.


noit a dirty turnip said...

i think you mean RACISM in action.

C.J. Smith said...

No, I don't think it was anything like that.

I considered doing a Hulk/Cookie Monster impression where I could have grabbed her suitcase, put it on the floor and said, "Me sit here. GRRRRRR".

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how often people confuse racism with, um, not what racism's definition actually describes.

C.J. Smith said...
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Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

I wonder how many people are googling "racism" right now.

Kelly said...

Honestly, why are people so afraid to ask these rude folk to move their stuff?

Unknown said...

@ noit a dirty turnip - I really don't get your point..... if the situation were reversed, would you still have made the same comment?