Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spike belt

Anyone know where I can pick one up on the cheap?

This will teach those dirty turnips who nearly run people over in GO Transit parking lots in the morning as they race (literally) to park so they can catch their train.

Is it possible to buy one I can shoot out of a wrist strap like Spiderman? I'd be a hero. No, seriously, I would.

There's also no excuse for this same behaviour in the evenings.

Speeding in parking lots is akin to speeding towards a red light, so slow down and be patient. You walked to your car just like I did, right?

Everyone else wants to get home just as much as you do and preferably in one piece!


Anonymous said...

a young woman shooting spike belts from her wrist would be pretty hot. if you're into bombshell mcgee jesse james kind of women.

RonNasty said...

I like to play chicken with them. I think I know who'll win in court.