Monday, June 7, 2010


1. Why do people bring rank food like warmed up mystery meat and onions on board?
2. Why, when the train is late, is there always one person who has to bitch aloud the whole ride? Get a blog. It worked for me.
3. Why do people insist on putting their bags on seats when people are boarding? No one should be asking you to move it. It's a given, jerk. And don't roll your eyes when I ask.

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Anonymous said...

To: Lakeshore East riders
Re: Bags on seats

First rider to grab some dirty turnip's bag off a seat and toss it out the train door on to the platform gets $50 from me. I have to personally witness this for you to get your reward. Often thought of doing it myself (haven't yet) - it will take a lot of guts but I'm getting closer every time I see a bag on a seat in a crowded train.