Thursday, June 17, 2010

What? No potty?

Despite what you've heard in an announcement on your train, check the GO Transit website for washroom information. Readers have written in stating different instructions are being given out. - CJ

Did you know that next week, starting Monday, because of some event which is costing a gazillion dollars involving jokers from around the world who will be attending a baseball game at the Rogers Centre has GO Transit locking the bathrooms on all of their trains as a security measure? (This information may be false, see note above and comments below.)

Will they be locking up the saws, sledgehammers, shovels, pick axes and hammers conveniently stored throughout the coaches fully accessible by anyone? So some wannabe terrorist cum protester can't hide a stick of C4 in the loo but they're welcome to help themselves to a pick axe?

Not only do we have to bring "snacks and water" next week, but we also have to invest in adult diapers. Is anyone NOT thinking this through? How can anyone expect thousands of people to be stranded on trains with no access to washroom facilities?

At least I know how I'll gain access to the bathroom if I need it. I'll just use the sledgehammer.


Anonymous said...
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C.J. Smith said...

Gots to keep it family friendly.

Anonymous said...

This one scared me, so I checked the go train site. It says that the only time washroms will be closed is on the Lakeshore West line, on June 27 only, and the wheelchair car's ashroom will be open.

A in Ajax said...

The announcement I heard was all washrooms were to be locked so GO needs to train their customer service people to give out correct information on the train!

Anonymous said...

After I posted the above comment about what I read on the website, I went back to check it last night. ALL information about washrooms have been removed from the website BUT the Toronto Star this Sunday had a sentence in their "G20 Survival Guide" saying some would be closed on some trains...

Am on my morning train right now an patiently waiting to see what is said.

I think regardless of what is being said the accessible car has to keep their washroom unlocked. I'll be sitting on that car for the week.