Monday, July 4, 2011

Fight! Fight! Fight!

It was a crappy Canada Day ride for some on the GO Friday night. According to several passengers who emailed and texted ye old Crazy Train, there was a whole mess of drunken debauchery on display.

Michelle wrote me to tell me that she can tolerate drunken fun but she can't tolerate foul language, especially with her 7 year old daughter in tow.

"We lost track of time and I stayed at my parents' too late with my daughter to watch fireworks, so we caught the last train to Oshawa. My daughter was cranky, tired and trying to sleep but there were plenty of obnoxious young people ruining it for those who were behaving after a night in the city to celebrate Canada Day. After confronting a group of punks over their use of the f-bomb and mf-bomb, another small group began to chant "fight! fight! fight!" I thought to myself, what is this? Grade 7? I know a little karate so I got into a defense position and was ready to do the whole Karate Kid leg sweep when this guy stood up and threw his weight around - verbally of course, telling the misbehaving jerks to be respectful of others. He looked like the kind of guy who can make grapefruit juice just by looking at the grapefruit. Thankfully, the kids I chose to confront got off at Ajax. Of course, there were some menacing glares and rude hand gestures but I refuse to subject my child to this shameful display of vulgarity. Love your site. Keep up the good work, girl!"

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Uncle said...

It's a shame some peoples kids choose to behave this way. Peer pressure will make kids act dumb. I had my fair share of fun when I was a few years younger, hell I still do. I was always mindful and respectful of others while having my fun....