Sunday, July 27, 2014

I don't think the No Smoking sign is big enough

It's pretty big, it's almost shouting.

I guess this is one way to deal.


Anonymous said...

how is anyone supposed to sit in the seat in the corner?

deepfish said...

I'll give odds that that sign will serve as a Clubhouse sign for the local chapter of buttsuckers in no time.

Anonymous said...

Smokers: /closes eyes and muffles ears


Subliminal said...

The seat in the corner is the standing only smoking area?

Wow, Please tell me that has to be a photoshop of a 10 seat waiting area because it can't possibly be the product of a lowest bidder contract award.

I could have fit 15 seats in that area with just the cost of an extra 5 seats and thrown in a free sprinkler system tied to s smoke detector for the price of that no smoking sign that would have made that area a cage-match arena between 14 non-smokers & law abiding smokers all mad and soaking wet and one foolish smoker not going anywhere.

I hope they fix that.