Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random observation by a GO passenger just like you

Good to know that our GO Transit service won't be affected by the pay hike for Metrolinx employees. Wonder which bucket they're going to empty to pull the cash from?


Jim Wilson made a comment about lowering fares. Ha! Is he new? *giggle* snort.


Anonymous said...

Again .. must every one think that th e threat of strike is over money?? This once again is not the case ... it was over retirement benefits as well as improvement for health/dental care not the cash. Its a 1.8% wage increase .. far below the increase of inflation. Let's get the facts before posting dumb a** comments.

C.J. Smith said...

I never thought it was about money.

Bicky said...

It might not be about money directly (i.e., pay hikes) but...

1. The article was referring to pay hikes.
2. Increases in benefits, be it health/dental or retirement benefits, still cost the employer money.

The government was reiterating that there's no more money coming Metrolinx's way, so they need to figure out how to pay for things without cutting services.

And the hilarity of the interim leader of the opposition suggesting if there's money for pay hikes, then there should be a lowering of fares. They NEVER go down, only up.

Machu Pichu said...

At the end of the day all we got was an average of 2.05% a year for 4 years and status quo on everything else.
It works out to an extra 2.5 million per year company wide or in more simple terms $0.065 fare discount per passenger.
That pales in comparison to the ORANGE and the power plants fiasco.
How about the leader of the opposition spend his time on more worthy things such as lowering fuel taxes and hydro rates for all Ontarians instead of nickel and dimming for peanuts.