Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I laughed - because it's true

Fast Fact: When the Quiet Zone was first rolled out, GO Transit Security was overwhelmed with all the code 1033s to shut people up. As much as Metrolinx implemented this for the benefit of passengers who asked for quiet cars, it is the most counter-productive attempt at passenger comfort, ever. 

Can you tell I am not a fan? I do sit in the Quiet Zone but I don't believe anyone can realistically expect everyone to all share the same expectations of "quiet". My expectation of quiet is that you don't bring seven friends on board with you, sit in separate quads and yell at each other across the aisle about how you would love to buy a condo downtown, as you couldn't imagine having to commute every day, because if you had to do what "these people do", you'd shoot yourself. Instead, if you aren't a regular commuter, you sit down, lower your voice and show some courtesy for those who do have to do what "these people do" every day.

Yeah. Day trippers. They can shut the hell up for sure.


Nora1968 said...

AMEN and exactly! Love that phrase - "the most counter-productive attempt at passenger comfort ever".

Since, as I noted in an earlier comment today, the day will never dawn when any group of people will agree 100% on the definition of anything, there is no chance that the Quiet Zone will ever be more than yet another opportunity for commuter-rage, IMO.

TomW said...

Sadly, tghe quite zone has become the "silent zone".
The signs say "short and quiet conversations are OK", but I find talking for more than 30 seconds (however quietly) gets a Pointed Comment from someone.

I sit upstairs primarily for the view. (There's also less noise from the train itself, and you don't get a blast of hot/cold air at every station.)

C.J. Smith said...

When commuter rage is finally accepted as a legitimate mental illness, I am confident studies will reveal the GO Transit Quiet Zone as a contributing factor.

Squiggles said...

I don't mind it. But then again, I only find a seat in the zone in the morning. And it has always been quiet. Almost silent. It has been that way from before to during this period.

I will enforce it sometimes. I normally approach people and let them know they are in the Quiet Zone and I can hear them 2 or 3 quads away and do they mind lowering their voice. I never ask them to shut up, I am always polite. And in every instance they either moved or they kept their voices low.

Nahid said...

I don't take the go train very much but when I took it yesterday and had a 10 second quiet phone call in the quiet zone, I got death stares from a few people. I was going to sit downstairs but was forced to sit upstairs because all the seats were taken.

Anonymous said...

@nahid i was probably one of them, if people look at you that means your too loud you just dont know it, if people gave you a death stare that means your talk time is over!

Nameless One said...

It's 2017 and quiet zone is quite quiet. There is an occasional dude with a noisy laptop keyboard, other than that all the chatty people are staying downstairs.