Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Please shut the door of the train shitter - thanks


I was just wondering if there is something wrong with me, because whenever I use the bathroom on a GO Train I have this weird ability to close the door behind me after I use it.  Meaning I actually close the door so it shuts.   I am wondering I am doing something wrong, because it would seem that nearly every time I am sitting the middle floor at the end of a car where a bathroom happens to be located nobody seems to have the ability to close the door behind them after they have used it.  Is this an aspect of GO Train etiquette I have missed out on?  Am I supposed to leave the door open after I am done in the bathroom, or half-heartedly appear to try close the door behind me but just give up when it doesn't?

Riding the LSW GO train to Burlington station yesterday, I happened to be sitting in the aforementioned area, and I counted seven people using the bathroom.  All of which didn't bother to close the door after they used it, or a couple of people tried to close the door but didn't make it, looked back at the door, gave up,  and decided to go back to their seats.  I understand it's been a hard day at the office, God forbid you should put an exhaustive effort into closing a measly little door behind you.  As I was sitting by the window, the gentleman occupying the outer seat in front of me who was simply trying to read his book, all seven times meekly got up and closed the door.

And we know why he closed the door right?

Because if you're sitting by the bathroom, and the door is open, sooner or later that sour bathroom solution that is in the toilet, mixed with whatever GO Train passenger has emptied into it begins to produce this wonderful "mutant funk" (credit for that term goes to a Seinfeld episode) that makes its way to the rest of the passengers in the area of the car, and I'm guessing it makes their commute shall we say….less enjoyable.

After the seventh person failed to close the door, my stop was coming up and this gentleman did it for them yet again, I thanked him for doing that all the times throughout the ride.

But I am just wondering if I am off my rocker?  Does this not bother anyone else?  Or is it totally cool to leave the door open after using the bathroom?  I know that when I am in my apartment by myself there are occasions where I will pee with the door open(TMI?). As people are having such a hard time with closing the bathroom door on the GO Train, I am wondering if this is just a first step to a whole crowd of people that will eventually devolve into peeing on the train with the door open. I know you're thinking that statement is gross or outlandish.  But the next time you sit next to a bathroom and someone leaves the door open, when that smell hit's you and you wonder what it is, just think to yourself it's all the passengers of this GO Train today peeing with the door open.

With much adoring love, V.

^ Okay, he didn't really write that but I like to imagine this is how everyone wants to sign off in their emails to me.


Squiggles said...

The smell alone is why I will never in a million years sit by the bathroom.

I could understand not closing the door, if someone will be entering as you are leaving. But with no one there? Rude. Plain and simple.

Kudos to the man who kept closing the door.

Anonymous said...

I always close the door unless someone is waiting to use it.

V said...


I would not have had any problem signing my e-mail off like that, though I was reluctant to considering the post gave at times graphic descriptions and spoke about GO Train bathroom etiquette.

I was worried that maybe you'd be freaked out to think what exactly my version of "much aodring love" is


C.J. Smith said...


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the annoying noise of the door banging around if it's not firmly closed.

Bicky said...

On the flip side, with the door open, it's easier for the fare inspectors to know there's no one hiding out.

Seriously, the door should be closed when one is finished their business.

Lori said...

I've never noticed a smell but I have noticed the door slamming open when not properly closed. Once I was standing for my stop and the door kept slamming open, it was so irritating I shut it.

Skin Man said...

I think we can chalk this up to people not wanting to touch handles once they've washed their hands. I simply bring my paper towel with me that used to dry my hands, (assuming I can get any out...otherwise its toilet paper), open and close the door with it, and then throw it out in garbage can by the stairs.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one bothered by this! Firstly, before I'm accused of being a racist; know that I'm white upper middle class. BUT I've noticed that the majority of those who do this are white! What's this about people? You don't close the door to your washroom at home? You enjoy having your whole house smelling like shit? Just close the frackin door like your mother taught you to do when you were THREE!