Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guest blogger? Why I love guest bloggers! Here's a top 10 list (with commentary) of what Metrolinx announced as projects in 2014

to:"Cindy (Cj) Smith"
date:Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 12:00 PM
subject:Re: Fares

Metrolinx has announced its top ten projects of 2014! ( Below is a wrap up and idle commentary on their best of the best from last year:
10. Extension of GO Transit’s Richmond Hill line
Ooh it looks like we’re counting down (exciting!)…Coming in at number 10 is the announcement of a new station at Gormley. It's coming soon! (well, in 2016 + delays). Quick question: Where’s Gormley?
9. Glass atrium at Union Station
Yah it looks nice from the outside but, not to be a downer, I can’t see much difference from underneath…
8. Eglinton Crosstown tunneling completes phase 1
You have to give Metrolinx their due, if the TTC were building this it would be 10 years from completion. One thing about GO – when they get a mandate and the moola, they get stuff done (yes it's always late but it's way better than, ’the better way’ ;) (remember the St Clair debacle?))
7. The Georgetown South Project nears completion
I don’t travel on this line but I did take a look at some of the construction around Dufferin a few months ago – what a mess. This is obviously a massive project. Maybe some readers can comment on its impact…
6. PRESTO expands on TTC
Local politicians are pushing for a quicker PRESTO rollout… There’s no doubt that the current toe in the waterdeployment is finicky (when oh when will we be done with these stupid transfers? It feels like we’re stuck in the 80’s (the 1880’s…))

5. BRT expansion in York, Peel & Durham
I don’t venture into the hinterlands but this looks pretty cool. Can anyone comment on whether BRT actually works? I hear Mississauga messed it up...
4. More GO Buses coming
Hooray! More buses! CJ will be thrilled. I haven’t travelled on a GO bus for years but I know this – they need bathrooms. Have you ever tried the hour plus commute to Hamilton? I have, many times. And after a few yards of lager too. Not a pleasant experience…
3. UP Express is almost here
For some of us anyway…Yes, for those of us who flash our Gold Mastercard whenever we need to feel big and important - this is exciting news! For the rest of us scamps, well we can just keep on catching the #192 from Kipling…
2. Union Station GO Bus Terminal redevelopment announced
Thank God for that. The current terminal is a mess. The car park opposite the ACC is a much better spot.

1. Regional Express Rail is coming
Yah this is a biggie. 15 minute all day service. And electrification which will speed up the service nicely. Now, if only GO could fix their pricing... I took a short trip with the family over Christmas and man – it’s expensive. Over $30 for 8 of us going 2 stops one-way. The TTC would have saved us $13 (but added 20 minutes). Needless to say we cabbed it home.


Warren Downe said...

So, starting Gormley trumps finishing Burlington, and Pickering, and ...

And Steven Del Duca, Minister of Transportation is fine with this.


Valentino Assenza said...

So I guess that whole plan to extend GO Train service to Niagara regularly as far as Grimsby has been officially put on the backburner?

The plan was to have that going by summer 2015, which I knew was not a possibility considering they have only passed the environmental assessment and no construction at all has started.

I find this very interesting, and wonder what happened as far as that was concerned because the new town home and condo developments going up on the north side of the QEW at Casablanca are advertising that they will be located close to a GO Train stop.

Disappointing as I am in that neck of the woods often, but the other Metrolinx projects look interesting as well. Thanks for sharing.


Nora1968 said...

Starting Gormley (wherever that is) also trumps extending the line and stations to Courtice and Bowmanville, as promised (was supposd to be finished last month - hasn't even started). Those two stops would only better serve the HUGE number of riders who currently travel in from there and point even further east but oh - wait! They expanded the parking at Oshawa by around 100 spaces - surely that will be enough....

Bicky said...

The glass atrium would look better if the glass wasn't so grungy looking. Blech! Needs a good power washing.

George said...

Bicky, I asked them the question about the dirty glass and I was told they are not going to clean it up completely until all the interior construction is done. Whenever that is of course. I can see the logic though, why clean it up when it's just going to get dirty again from the welding, the dust and whatever else happens along during construction?

On another note, I see the entrances to the York concourse are in place in the VIA hall. Can't wait to see what that looks like.

As for Presto on the TTC, a disaster waiting to happen in the TTC brass are running it. They couldn't run a Easter egg hunt without costing millions in overruns.

Bicky said...

@George, that makes sense re. cleaning the glass.

But isn't the final construction not due to be finished until 2020?!

Will be interesting to see the new York concourse. Last I heard, it was supposed to open in January. They've got three weeks!

Justin said...

I won't say Missisauga messed up their new busway. It's only the 1st phase, and only 4 stations. It is definitely a faster ride from Islington to Square One, and from what I heard, ridership on both 107/109 is up.
We'll see if the transitway is a success when Phase 2 open in late 2016.

George said...

Asked them again Bicky....
The train shed construction will finish long before that but they refused to say when. The atrium will be sparkly clean after the shed work is completed. The rest of the construction will take place inside the station and not in the shed area.

If it weren't for the construction dudes hanging around the VIA concourse, I'd like to run down the ramp and peek inside the concourse. Apparently it's going to be two levels and resemble a shopping mall. Can't wait.

You ride the crazy train, I only drive it. said...

re: Extension the to Courtice and Bowmanville.

GO/metrolinx is having a hard time getting started with this one because they are planning to use CP's tracks to get there. Admittedly that was their choice, they could of used CN's tracks but CP's line goes through the heart of Oshawa so it will be much more convenient for passengers to access in the future - if that future ever comes around. CP is being a bunch of dicks and demanding all sorts of concessions from GO/metrolinx just for the privilege of operating on their line. Call it the "Hunter Harrison, I don't give a f*** about anyone but my shareholders effect". Where ever that man goes, he was with CN before, he makes sure the interests of the general public are at the very bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

You want to ride pay the price!!