Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm pretty sure that signs say NO

Apparently drivers over at the Centennial GO Station parking garage like to take shortcuts up ramps that are for cars travelling down.

Like this honey badger who can't read.

Via email:

Hi CJ - Love your blog! Just want to share with you a dangerous problem with the Centennial Station parking structure. A few inconsiderate commuters - and it's always the same few - take a "shortcut" to the upper floors by driving up the down ramp. And they force themselves back into the traffic flow when it suits them. Last year I witnessed someone almost ran over by such a driver, and another case when a verbal confrontation nearly got physical (have pictures). The following photos were taken this morning...hopefully the City of Markham can start enforcing its bylaws?  Keep up the good work! - R


Bicky said...

Happens all the time at Whitby GO. Drivers go the wrong way where it says Do Not Enter. They exit the garage through the IN lane because it's faster.

They drive through it like they're Indy race drivers. Someone will get hit one day.

George said...

Same in Oakville. The closest opening is an entrance no matter what the sign says.
I've seen people almost get hit from drivers going the wrong way. I will admit one of them pissed me off severely by honking at me to get out of her way, while she was driving in the wrong lane to get in, that I casually strolled to the elevator and ignored the horn.

My little victory that day.

Anonymous said...

these type of dangerous infractions are a common occurrence at most GO Stations. The problem is no one is courteous or patient, and these GO parking lots are designed poorly and most stations have few proper exits which are extremely congested. It's no excuse for these morons though.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for Darwin to do the rest for these drivers who flagrantly break the rules.

Anonymous said...

I also can't help but notice that the drive that goes up the down ramp is also the driver who doesn't bother to clean off their back window.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

These drivers aren't transplants from Columbus Ohio U.S.A. by any chance, are they?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this phenomenon, and posting pictures of particularly of this fella in the white Lexus. I am a fellow Centennial rider and have noticed that this person driving this car is particularly flagrant compare to some of the other offenders. He drives really fast while others are walking in close distance, and would force his way in front of others who have lined up to get to the top floor. However, there seems to be no enforcement by any authority to stop this kind of behaviour. It's a matter of time when an accident will happen. Maybe than the authorities will implement some enforcement. In the meantime, everyone should watch out for opposite traffic!