Wednesday, January 28, 2015

You had one job!


Bicky said...

Ah the joys of reusing another memo and not proofreading it before hitting the print button.

Attn GO, I proofread for a living... for a ginormous fee, I'll do your proofreading.

Warren Downe said...

"Book 'em, Danno!" A blatant violation of the Passenger Charter's "clear and consistent communication" clause. CIT's for everyone in the sign shop!

C.J. Smith said...

I worked as a manager of Business Communications for client services in the IT industry for 8 years. I had master templates for every kind of communication we put out: memos, press releases, white papers, sell sheets, etc. and I never used a copy of a pre-written piece to create another one I always started fresh specifically to avoid to this kind of error. It's common sense 101.

Michael Suddard said...

I used to do notifications as well. But in this case:

1. I'd read it on the computer.

2. Print the sucker and look at it.

3. If it was obviously going to be seen by this many people, I'd have someone else look at it.

I'm guessing the communications department at GO didn't get enough time to triple check this before it went out the door unlike most of their scripted tweets.