Monday, January 19, 2015

I made a new friend Friday

What's he smoking?

I asked him to find out (politely).

He replied, "It's called suck my ass." (rudely)

I asked if "suck my ass" was legally allowed under the Smoke Free Ontario Act. He told me to "mind your business".

Long story short, the bus driver was aware but douchepick had his tunes too loud. Also, this is the bus, not the train, so people don't stay on for very long once they've been found out.


Unknown said...

Did he get kicked out of the bus?

C.J. Smith said...

No one gets kicked off a bus. He left when his stop came up. There's never time to kick anyone off. That's the beauty of buses.

Anonymous said...

Eco cigarettes are whatever they're called. There's a girl I play poker with who smokes them. She tells me there's no evidence they do any harm to anyone as she blows the menthol-whatever in my face

Tal Hartsfeld said...

You obviously didn't need to "suck his ass" to experience his ultra-shitty personality.

Warren Downe said...

Next time this happens, turn the fire extinguisher on perpetrator. In your statement to the police say, in a very distraught voice, "Officer I saw smoke in a confined passenger compartment. We were GOing to die! It was my duty to save everyone!!!" Sniffle and dab your eyes with a tissue. The other passengers with rally round you and demand the officer take away the scoundrel in handcuffs.

And the Oscar award GOes to ...

Anonymous said...

pretty sure its a vapor pen which yes...can be smoked pretty much anywhere...if you didnt see this guy i doubt you would have even known he had it..

C.J. Smith said...

But is it legal??? Can someone point me to a bylaw allowing this vapor on public transit?

Skin MAn said...

I'm no cattorney, but I think the problem here is that it is not illegal, (currently unregulated).

George said...

There is no smoking of anything allowed on GO vehicles. Period.

What an asshole this douchebag is.

C.J. Smith said...

Just so everyone knows I have bought some incense sticks. I am going to light them on the bus tonight and I'll let you know how that goes over.

I'm pretty sure this also means candles and sparklers are also ok.

I'm not letting this go. As far as I know incense hasn't killed anyone so I'm sure it's perfectly acceptable to those who whined that vapor is perfectly acceptable.

paperpusher1 said...

I can't wait to see how the incense goes over :D. i had someone pull that crap on a crowded ELEVATOR!

C.J. Smith said...

I believe, based on the feedback I have received, I am well within my rights. I've been told to sit next to vapour man and light it up.

Subliminal said...

With these e-cigarettes today its "just" nicotine but who knows what the liquid cartridges will be in the future?
Only the overseas manufacturers know.
I'm all for banning these products before the vapours become more deadly to these poor fools who smoke them.
I'm also concerned about the future victims of their ill health who pay their public health bills and the destruction that could be caused if changes in the chemical composition in these addicted products turn them into a Berserker army.

They should ticket these scofflaws and confiscate the "cigarette" including the filter device.
If Nicorette is available over the counter they should also put it in vending machines at every station so there are no excuses.
Bad enough they get away with smoking at the stations, which is harder to police, there should be zero tolerance on the easier to police trains.
Smoking is like lighting an incense stick in public so I can see the relationship between the two for those who would want to make a statement to smokers.
I'm very scent aversive so I don't want to smell any of these in a public place but I believe there is a place for incense for everyone,including nicotine fiends.
Try using them at home and buying them at