Monday, February 23, 2015

Despite its shortcomings, Toronto has one of the best-integrated transit systems in the world

Some highlights from the article:

TTC staff showed (city council) how interconnected Toronto’s commute had become.

For example:
  • More than 10 per cent of TTC riders start their day on a streetcar, before transferring to a bus or subway. And 6 per cent of them use streetcar only.
  • The 504 streetcar carries more passengers than all of Edmonton transit, all GO buses. And, more than the Sheppard subway.
  • More than a third of TTC riders never see the subway, completing their commute on buses or streetcars. That’s 562,000 people a day.
Untangling the realities of the daily commuting slog: James
From the Toronto Star

A recent poll has half of us admitting that we get to work late quite often. The Commute is a convenient scapegoat. The Commute could mean the ride, the journey, the traffic, the highway pileup, the subway delay, the bus wait, the time it takes to get from point A to B, the experience, the cost.…

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