Monday, February 2, 2015

GO in the snow?

But I'm on a train outside Union so unlike some folks, I made it to Toronto.
Of all the text alerts I received, one had me perplexed - - a train had been canceled due to passenger volume.
Can someone explain?
Was the train so full other subsequent stations were out of luck?
If so, why not say that? How is one train cancelled yet all the others are running?
My train was packed right from Oshawa. People who got on at Whitby were forced to stand on some coaches, yet our train was still adjusted to make a stop at Rouge Hill.
A train in Pickering was cancelled at the start of its run due to the weather, yet all trains ran out of Oshawa. They were delayed, but at least they were running.
I got the only 90 bus that actually managed to complete the route.  Most of the buses were cancelled due to equipment malfunction. I love how vague that is, but when GO Transit is specific, such as the train that was delayed due to wheel slippage - we laugh.
Today was a definitely a day where we should have all just crawled back into bed.


Bicky said...

I don't understand how my train can run with no issues (and fare inspectors!) so early, but then later on, the whole thing becomes a gong show.


C.J. Smith said...

I'm gonna say "volume".

Peter said...

Can anyone share with us how the double-decker buses handle in the weather and road conditions we're experiencing? Thanks.

C.J. Smith said...

All of the Double Deckers that were scheduled to run on Route 90 were cancelled.
What does that tell you?
I realize they were purchased because they are fully accessible but they are not reliable.
So, for those who are disabled hoping this purchase would improve things - guess what? You're still going to wind up on an MCI.

MATT said...

My confusion is that most days, we either don't get updates from GO, or they come in 4+ hours late. Today I woke up to about 5-6 text messages from GO Transit, and proceeded to get another text message every 2-3 minutes for almost an hour.

I get it GO Transit, there's a shit-ton of snow outside. Thanks. Now let's work on your consistency, m'kay?

Iona Ford said...

You're correct about the inconsistency in alerts from GO Transit. You were updated frequently overnight and this morning. Route 12 received no alerts last night or today. Zero. Nada.

Yet another Passenger Charter violation!

Nahid said...

Their website was down all morning, so that's probably why you guys didn't receive any alerts. Seems like their entire server went to shit cause of the storm and they probably don't have a backup.

Mary said...

This is for Peter, my double decker was ok. Probably would have been better with more knobbly tires, but they are so heavy they just plow through it. York Uni wasn't plowed very well - that was a bit tricky but we made it! Now I'm home and enjoying the start of MY weekend!

Peter said...

Thank you for chiming in, Mary! I'm glad you survived the inclement weather and are enjoying your weekend. I prefer the MCI's, and I'm glad Niagara still has them for winter work. Cheers!