Friday, February 6, 2015

Even the Transportation Minister of Ontario got it wrong when it came to Monday's disaster

This week's nightmarish commute on the LSE where all of us have been late for work four days out of five can't be attributed to increased ridership, or the fact that the service update online feed blew up on Monday. Monday's nonsense had nothing to do with increased ridership. Who advises the minister? A hamster? ... Oh ... wait....

There are no more people on the LSE this week than there were last week.

Service updates don't break switches.

Please take our fare increases and buy new switches.


Bicky said...

Sometimes, I find the further up the corporate (or political) ladder some people are, the less they know and understand.

Anonymous said...

Other thing he doesn't comprehend is that regular GoTransit users need to have less than 35 rides to get a refund! aren't those fiberal liberals supposed to be promoting public transit?

Squiggles said...

Looks like I picked a good week to head south.