Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I emailed you something - you didn't publish it. I texted you something - you didn't publish it. I phoned you and you didn't record our call

Okay, the last bit isn't true but it would be nice if people did phone me. Nobody phones me.

I have to make a confession. Sometimes I forget stuff. I forget people have emailed me even though I star it, flag it and forward it - I forget. I get a lot of texts. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. And when it comes to photos, most of the time, I either smell bullshit or have to be careful that the photo isn't lifted from somewhere else (thank god for, Twitter and Instagram - open forums rule!). International photos are harder. People send me all kinds of things and when I write back asking for the credit - crickets!

This part is painful to write. Sometimes I didn't publish what you sent because I couldn't see the humor in it. Or, it doesn't really fit with my content. Or, I don't feel the same way about Asian people as you do. I won't tolerate racism. I don't find making fun of how people dress or their weight humorous. It's just not who I am. However, if someone decided to ride the GO train dressed as Batman, that's totally blog-worthy. If someone is wearing Pac Man socks, I totally want to see that because that's cool.

This post isn't meant to deter you from writing to me. It's meant to explain why you don't see your submission on the website. I hope this clears things up.

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Bicky said...

There's a fine line between humour and offensive. Some people can't see that.

You've said it before, people are free to start their own blog if they don't like what you're doing.

I like what you're doing, btw. I don't have time to start my own blog. :)