Wednesday, February 25, 2015


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outburst said...

I work across from a TTC subway station with a connected bus entrance. The street level bus entrance is not intended for foot traffic and signs are plentiful warning of fines for illegal entry but from my office window I see hundreds of people sneaking in every day, evading payment of an honest fare.
How many people do it on the GO, playing Russian roulette with the fare checkers? I'm sure it happens - there are always people who think the risk is worth the reward.
My issue is that every so often every transit system cries poor. Maintenance is required or fleets need to be updated and who pays for that? Whether directly through your fare or your taxes, it's you. How much is lost due to fare evaders that the rest of us have to pony up for?
Fare evaders irk me more than just about anything on this crazy train... thanks for pushing my button.

Bicky said...

People who think they've got one "by the man" and fare skip irk me. We all have to pay to ensure quality service.*

*Yes, I know February has been a gong show in terms of quality. Let's hope March is better!

Anonymous said...

they just need to check everyone on every train on a line for a week, then randomly for a couple of weeks after that.