Friday, September 11, 2015

The stubborn is strong with this one

to:Cindy Smith
date:Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 7:56 PM
subject:Girl on the steps.

So this was the 7:17 pm LSE to Oshawa. This girl got on at Eglinton and sat on the stairs. She did not move until rouge hill only because a seat became available. She got stink eye, hissed at, head slapped with purses, bags, hands and she did not move!! It was funny but this was as much as I could get.


Anonymous said...

Can people PLEASE turn their phones landscape and film?!

C.J. Smith said...

Calm down. Sometimes it's less inconspicuous if you keep your phone portrait.

DF said...

this happens all the time on my train with people getting of at Ajax. meaning a LOT of people get off and these dumbasses refuse to move. I carry two large bags and often one of them smacks the person in the head as I walk by. I have suggested on numerous occasions that they get up and move (as most of the time there are empty seats available), but most of the time they are stubborn too. oh well sorry if my bag hits you on the way out. the stairs are a route in and out, to a seat, if people are moving GTF out of the way people or suffer the consequences.

Same goes for the Oshawa Door Donkeys who insist on standing in the doorways as we exit the trains.

Anonymous said...

@DF Way to keep the misconception of Durham's colourful vocabulary going strong.
BTW all it'll take for one person you 'hit' with your bag(s) to have a bad day and all Hell will break loose.
Maybe someone will tape it.

Squiggles said...


I actually grabbed someone's head Tuesday night trying to get down the stairs they were sitting on. Plenty of seats, but nope. Sat right there and "talked" on the phone about inconsequential stuff.

Felt a little bad, but I need to hold onto railings anymore and because she was leaning against the rail, grabbed her head and smacked her with my purse.


Jack C. said...

SO annoying. Detraining at Ajax can be quite the adventure. Every time I board a busy LSE train during rush hour, I always have that moment of cognitive dissonance: I want to sit in the Quiet Zone, but I don't want to have fight the stair sitters, premature standers, and door donkeys to get off.

People will insist on lining up for Whitby or Oshawa as soon as the doors close at Pickering. They often give NO indication that they're not getting off at Ajax. You're lucky if you get a cryptic glance indicating that you'd better squeeze past them in the stairwell as the train pulls into the Ajax station. Otherwise, they remain absorbed in games or texting on their phones and appear not to care less if Ajax passengers can't get off at their stop. Every so often you get a self-appointed Line Warden who tries to direct the Ajax passengers safely through the line. "Anyone getting off at Ajax? Who's getting off at Ajax? Come on through here! We're waiting for Whitby." Seriously, though. Would it kill people to wait to line up until after the doors close at the stop that precedes their own?

The other day, I encountered a really weird door donkey. I'd say she was in her 60s. As I came down the stairs to exit at Ajax, this woman was browbeating another passenger about working (I think -- I didn't catch the whole conversation) as a paralegal or legal secretary for a law firm. The donkey, who turned out to be waiting for Whitby but was parked directly in front of the doors kept angrily demaning how her fellow passenger could work in a system that allows bad people to have lawyers. It was really bizarre. She kept bringing up Karla Homolka and angrily ranting that "people like that should not have the right to a lawyer!" She kept saying to the poor paralegal, who obviously just wanted to get home, "How can you justify that? Why should someone who murders two girls in cold blood have the right to a lawyer? She's a killer. Why should she have rights to anything?" Other passengers tried gently to explain that our criminal justice system is predicated on the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" and on the assumption that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, even if they are bad people. The poor fellow passenger kept saying, "Our firm doesn't even work in criminal law!" The donkey was so angry and animated that she appeared not to notice that she was blocking the door when it opened and made everyone squeeze past her to get off while she continued to rant and rave (at a stranger on the train).

Good times on the LSE.

Anonymous said...

These mishaps seem to happen on LSE a lot. Lol. I was published!!