Thursday, September 10, 2015

Who wears cheetah anyways?

Those of you familiar with the song "Selfie" by the Chainsmokers are familiar with the narrative peppered throughout the track. Have a listen if you aren't.

I am pretty sure the girl who was hired to talk in that song was on my GO train last night.

"Oh my god, my mom just texted me, and she's like, how do I get to Pickering... does she even know where the car is...?"

"Is this Rouge Hill? Does this mean we can get off here? Is there a bus? I really could use a cab right now."

"Why is this train just stopping at Pickering? Who does that? Why don't they just drive it to Oshawa?"

"This is so stupid. I really need to find a rich guy and wife him so I can stay home and build a shoe closet for myself."

"Why is there no Starbucks on this train? How hard is it to sell coffee?"

If I had duct tape, I would have used it on her.

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mark p said...

ugh just listening to that "song" made my brain hurt....