Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Metrolinx evaluating 50 potential new GO station locations

The full presentation given yesterday is available online.

In a nutshell:

Metrolinx is evaluating 50 potential sites for new GO stations, including those identified in Toronto Mayor John Tory’s SmartTrack plan, in an effort to grow ridership and provide GO customers with more choices. 

It’s not yet clear how many more stations the provincial agency will add as it expands GO with a regional express rail program…


Squiggles said...

The only issue with this is: are they going to be bringing in more trains with the stations?

Because I catch the 6:41 LSE from Ajax. The reasoning is because if I catch the 7:01 I do not get a seat. And I am the third stop. People getting on at Pickering NEVER get a seat.

Unless they start running more trains, the addition of extra stations and therefore passengers, will make life more difficult.

Nora1968 said...

The other problem - noted in the Metro article - is that the more stops you add, the greater the commute length must become. I'm not interested in spending any more time on the train than I already do, so unless - like the subway - the interim speeds were going to be increased, this could be a problem.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited when I received a telegram a couple days ago that Blo Transit was considering the idea of using electricity to power trains!

Anonymous said...

RER will electrify the trains and tracks so the stop/start will be quicker. It will be more like a subway service. Issue here is transferring between TTC and GO. If I hop on at Parliament and Cherry to transfer at Bathurst/Spadina - how easily can I hop on a streetcar to complete my trip?