Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last night's 5:20 pm Milton train ... JESUS CHRIST USE THE BENCH SEAT AND F*CK OFF ALREADY

This people need to learn how to make use of:

  • the space near the doors
  • aisle seats
  • bench seats
  • their brains


Squiggles said...

Some people need to just not travel in public.

Nora1968 said...

I'm rendered temporarily (and uncharacteristically) speechless at this. Who on earth a) gets on a commuter train with that much crap, and b) thinks, "I'll just take up an entire quad of seats - that should be fine" ?!?!?!

I wish someone had demanded that all this stuff be moved to allow someone to sit - it would have been fascinating to see what would happen.

mark p said...

frig sakes! get a cab next time, its probally cheaper and much faster (hopefully) to your house! i couldnt imagine lugging that much luggage onto a go train...

Bicky said...

I'm travelling in six weeks. I'm taking the GO Train in the morning with my suitcase and carry-on, as I'm travelling to the airport straight from work (trying the UP Express!). I will NOT be exhibiting any inconsiderate behaviour.

This is mind-boggling that anyone would think this is okay.