Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And just think, come February 1, we'll all pay more for this level of luxury


Outburst said...

My wife does that every day. All the hoopla about the extra trains on the Kitchener line have made no difference.
It is ridiculous that $300 a month doesn't even get you a proper seat, pull up some floor if you like.

C.J. Smith said...

I start my train ride from the Oshawa GO. As of Feb 1, I will spend, on average, $341 a month. My expectations level of ALL THE THINGS is now through the roof.
This time next year, I anticipate I will be close to $374 as fare increases are outpacing the rate of inflation.

Unknown said...

I bulldoze the people sitting on the steps who do NOT move to let people go up and down the stairs at stops. Not my problem. They should expect it and if they don't, too bad.

I am also pretty pissed at the fare increase. LSE needs another express train in the evening. As it is, any train leaving after 4pm you need to be ON the platform waiting for it to arrive to even chance to get a seat. I know the 4:53 train is packed by 4:45. The 5:10, you might (and that is a HUGE might) be able to get one if you are on it by 5:03.

Yet, we pay more and more for less and less service. This is for all lines. I don't know anyone on any line who is happy about their GO train experience.

Nahid said...

The GO Train is still luxurious compared to the TTC. If you're going to complain about sitting on the stairs, try taking the subway during rush hour and standing a few inches away from people in all directions.

C.J. Smith said...

True. But the ttc is way cheaper. Distance doesn't matter. You pay the same amount traveling 21 stops as the person who rode 4.

Anonymous said...

At least train passengers are inside, warm, dry, and have access to washrooms. Contrast that to the third rate bus service GO Transit subjects its passengers to. TCT ran a story last week ( on how passengers were made to wait outside for a bus that never came, at a location that has no washrooms (nor on the bus), and were charged $10.65 to get to Burlington (the nearest train station).

Outburst said...

99% of my rides are on GO buses. I find it a much more enjoyable experience than a GO train. It's the overcrowding that makes the difference. I don't need a bathroom on my transit system, I don't need free Wi-Fi or TV screens. Just give me a seat to my destination, that's all I'm paying for.
Most days, if my bus is full, I can usually wait 15-20 minutes and catch the next one, and get a seat, and there's rarely a need for that.
If your GO train is full, you can wait for the next one, which will also be full.
What I love is Metrolinx loves to retweet the stuff from people who are in an empty middle-of-the-day train, loving the hell out of the experience. That's far from reality for most passengers.