Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pedestrian hit by alleged freight train? VIA train? But not a GO train near Danforth GO

All Stouffville and Lakeshore East trains are cancelled until further notice as of 4:11 pm.

I managed to snag a ride to Ajax. My liver can't handle a night of drink.

These are always a sad situation. Frustrating, too, but sad.


Unknown said...

Well, the streak continues. At least I already had plans for dinner with a friend.

Was hoping I could get back to my place by 9pm. Not certain that will happen now.

Mark chow said...

If this persons actions was the result of trespassing then let Darwin take care of the rest.

Bicky said...

I left work at noon due to not feeling well. Not sure I could have handled the delay the way I was feeling.

Nora1968 said...

What would be nice would be if, in these situations, GO would proactively add GO bus service to the routes serving the line(s) affected. I went up the subway to get the 96 to Oshawa Station and had to wait an extra hour because not one, not two, but THREE 96 buses (as opposed to the FIVE 19s going to Oakville, and the two 27s going to Milton) were unable to accommodate the passengers waiting because they were full (and apparently you're not allowed to stand on a GO bus).

I'd have been home an hour earlier than I was (7:40 pm - a nearly 4-hour trip) if they had initiated extra service for this route earlier (they did eventually add buses, apparently, so it's not as if this wasn't an option).

Jules said...

Last night was the first night I actually used TTC to get out to Scarborough. The last 2 times I was lucky enough to get a drive from DT and taxi on another occasion. What a mess. Waited forever for the 96 bus at Scarborough with hundreds of people, saw 1 bus in the 1/2 hour to 45 mins we waited and weren't even sure we would get on the one that would eventually show up. Why is GO Transit never prepared for this? I know it's not their fault but shouldn't they have a duty to help their displaced passengers or at least make the ride a little easier? Anyhow thankfully we got a ride from Scarb to Whitby from a very nice person and I was lucky to have great company, which makes a crappy situation much easier to deal with.

Unknown said...

The best thing is to wait it out. I did that route to the Scarborough Town Centre, then the bus to Pickering once. Once. Never will do it again.

Instead, I get dinner and wait it out until the trains are free - normally by 8pm at the latest.

Unknown said...
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C.J. Smith said...

I immediately called a coworker and snagged myself a seat in her car.
I had strangers calling me from this website! Asking me for advice or if I wanted to carpool or drink.

That was a new one.

Jules said...

Squiggles I agree, this is what I should have done. By the time the trains start moving again you are halfway home and it feels like Trains, Planes & Automobiles. Its really 6 of one half dozen of the other.

blindwheels said...

Alternative routes to Pickering --> Oshawa.

TTC from union,
Line 1 to Bloor, transfer to eastbound line 2, to Kennedy, 198 to UofT Scarborough, DRT 900 PULSE to Oshawa or 923 to Ajax. (pulse run very frequently till 12am)

Pulse is regular DRT fare (presto included)

Average run time ( yes I've done it, many times)
3hrs to Oshawa downtown.
There are buses there to coutrice ( I don't know as to Bomanville)

To Stouffville:

Line 1 to FINCH, VIVA blue to Richmond Hill, viva purple to Markham stouffville hospital there's a bus from there.
3 1/2 hours.

Alternative to this is, ttc line 1 to Bloor, line 2 eastbound, to warden, 102D to Major Mackenzie (NORTH OF mount joy GO)
2 1/2 hours.

To barrie:
Line 1 to Finch, VIVA BLUE to Newmarket, go bus from there.
(2 hours to Newmarket.)

blindwheels said...
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