Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I may be back to the land of the living, but I'm still commuting in the land of the dead

No matter how hard the man across from me tried, he just could not get comfortable on the train this morning.

He slept on his wife. He slept against the window. He slept forward. He changed seats with his wife. He took his coat off. He made a pillow with his scarf. He scrunched down. He sat straight up. He changed seats with his wife - again. He loudly complained about the speed of the train and its poor shocks. He eventually gave up and played with his phone.

I could never live my commuting life with the expectation that I can stay up as late as I want and sleep on the train the next morning. Otherwise, I'd be like this guy - let down and disappointed. People already let me down enough with their overall rudeness (how hard is it to open a door?) that I don't think I could handle much more.

Comatose on a train isn't something I could do. I need to be awake and aware. 

I missed the delays from yesterday (malfunctioning switches - what a surprise!) and the cold. Standing at the bus stop this morning, in -9C weather, was probably more bearable than what it was Monday and Tuesday.

Ahh, winter on the system. Ain't it grand?!

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