Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If you know more to the story here, let me know


Outburst said...

The 5-on-1 face-first piledrive did not look good. Hope the guy's okay.
While we don't know the whole story it sometimes seems these mall cops get away with more BS than real cops.

C.J. Smith said...

I worked as a security officer at a large Toronto area shopping centre to pay my way through college. It was job #2. Job #1 was a cashier at Loblaws. I cringed anytime I was referred to as a mall cop or wannabe cop.

To learn how disrespected I was hurt at times because I took the job seriously to make the centre safe, and help retailers and shoppers have an enjoyable experience. I had to restrain someone once and it was ... terrifying. I got no joy out of it. I felt no sense of power. Just frustration as he just WOULD NOT listen or cooperate. Shoppers screamed at me that I was hurting him but I had to use my training as I was taught. I was trying to get the guy up to a seated position so I could try to speak with him when another shopper grabbed my arms. I was using a technique to avoid having this man punch me in the head or worse, injure me or another shopper. I'm sure it looked aggressive. Once the shopper grabbed my arms, this man took the opportunity to kick me in the head.

I suffered a concussion.

Trying to restrain someone who starts acting aggressively isn't done on impulse. You have to think quickly and act quickly before a situation escalates and the person begins to damage property or show aggression towards the people you are paid to protect.

However, I did work with people where I questioned their morals. For me, it was never about hurting someone or displaying power. I wasn't a goon.

Outburst said...

Fair points, I shouldn't label them with derogatory terms or use the same paintbrush on them all. But this video looks like an example of excessive force, or at least a poorly executed take-down. And as is the case with many authoritative jobs like policing, security or corrections, there are a small number of those who take their license beyond that which is necessary. I've just seen too many videos of multiple security guards kicking the crap out of someone for my own liking.
It also looks like the video is 6 weeks old. Hasn't it been swept away and forgotten by now?

C.J. Smith said...

I was just told about the video this morning. Just looking to hear how it got to this point.

Luckily I was spared from being lumped in with others who took it too far. Not my end game. Never was.

I did work with a few jerks (male) but I was a woman (I was the only female for close to a year). I wasn't, uh, credible? You know what I mean? God forbid I actually suggested a man was being an asshole, let alone this man being a colleague who I would need as backup. I was respected among my peers but there were two who I did not trust so I left it alone.

I'm not sure if the climate has changed. I sure hope so.

Yolanda B Cool said...

"how they said"?

"this is how they said"?

Lord help me.

gmcnewlook said...

i love how its always an idiot who just stands there and tapes the incident who slams the security guards.... or records just this part and not include what happened to get to this point...

blindwheels said...

5 white security guards to 1 black man.


Typical treatment of black ppl in yorkdale, I've seen such stuff before.

blindwheels said...
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