Friday, January 15, 2016

When your GO bus driver sets it to "broil"


Unknown said...

It isn't just the GO bus, but I think all forms of public transportation.

The drivers are just in sweaters/light jackets so they set it to broil so they don't get cold.

Solution: open a window (bus) or take off the coat (train).

Unknown said...

I was on a GO bus last night from Union to Brampton. The driver had her radio on quite loud. A woman asked her why it had to be so loud. Her reply was that she had to be able to hear the other drivers make reports on road conditions. There was one vehicle fire on the 410 eastbound, a stalled car and an accident in the half hour trip. The radio was loud because she had to be able to hear over the defroster which she said she needed to keep the windows clear (all the inside windows were covered in water) and that turning the defroster on also made the bus hotter. So the answer is simple, if you don't want the driver to resort to turning on the defroster and increasing the bus temperature just refrain from breathing until your trip is finished. All must do this or the windows will steam up.

I also need to get the radio frequency for GO buses so I can listen to it on my scanner.

TomW said...

26C is T-short and shorts. Taking off a coat isn't sufficient.

Plus, when it's 26C outside, the trains have A/C on.