Saturday, October 15, 2016

Can you help find this locket lost on the Lakeshore East?

FOR THOSE UNABLE TO SEE FACEBOOK AT WORK: This is a long shot but I lost my silver locket and chain yesterday morning between Courtice and downtown Toronto. I took the GO train in from Oshawa station and when I arrived at work (along Bremner Blvd) it was gone. I have worn this locket everyday for 30 years and it contains pictures of my sons. The locket is engraved on both sides "Michelle" is on one side and "love mom and dad" on the other. Please, please, please share this post and pray that this will be found and returned. It's the most sentimental item I own and am lost without it

Email or contact Michelle directly on Facebook.
Please share her post. Let's do what we can to help her get the locket back.


Skin Man said...

really lost & found stories are great, and imma gonna let you finish.....but do you get any fake lost & found stories any more, (situations in which people think you are actually GO lost & found)? Those were hilarious!

P.S. I do hope Michelle is reunited with her locket.

C.J. Smith said...

I still get phone calls. I don't have the heart to toy with people over the phone if they're being polite and all anxious.

Skin Man said...

^ Always keeping it classy!

Here's to hoping an asshat calls looking for help while swigging from the fountain of douche.