Monday, October 3, 2016

Thugs open fire at GO bus in Oshawa Friday night

It happened on Simcoe Street South, just north of Bloor Street, near the former Zellers plaza.

I've been told so many things but can verify that a minivan stopped, a side door was slid open and shots were fired. People were standing on the opposite side of the street when the incident happened around 11 pm. Police were able to recover the vehicle and several weapons. Three men face over 35 charges in relation to the incident. No names have been released.

The GO bus was empty and presumably not in service at the time. No shots hit the bus. The driver is uninjured.

A woman who was on another GO bus, but heard the drama unfolding over the bus radio, said drivers chatted back and forth that the incident happened in an area near what is presumed Hells Angels biker territory.

It's believed the GO bus was not an intended target.

I realize this is all third-party information. People like to gossip. I like to throw things out there and see what comes back.

Either way, a terrifying incident.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

If somebody already hasn't, they should start forming betting pools:

What city/town will be the site of the next "black person killed by police officers?

What town/city will be the site of the next terrorist attack?
BONUS QUESTION: Approximately on what date will it occur?

What city/town will be the site of the next "active shooter" incident?
BONUS QUESTIONS: What type of location will be involved? (examples: Bus station? Schoolyard? Shopping center? Public library? Fast-food restaurant? Sit-down restaurant? Sports bar? University campus?)
What will be the approximate date of the next incident?

Those whose answers come the closest win the jackpots.

Skin Man said...

Scary...cops in the this.

Rory said...

I would imagine that the GO bus wasn't the actual target. It sounds like a group of low level goons using the "spray and pray" method. Most of these morons don't actually know anything about proper firearms use and thus don't know how to aim. They tend to just fire wildly in the general direction of their intended target and innocent bystanders be damned.

Bob said...

Hell's Angels?

Facing weapons and drug charges are Sumeed Syed, 20, of Brockley Drive, Toronto; Liam Abdelmoumen, 18, of Gulley Drive, Scarborough, and Abul Syed, 21, of Ellesmere Road, Toronto.

C.J. Smith said...

Are you suggesting that they can't be Hells Angels because of ethnic sounding names? Liam is a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Can't rely on the media for honest reporting any more, so who knows?