Friday, October 7, 2016

Is there a war on Thanksgiving no one told "us" about?

I'm only saying "us" because I've received a few emails and texts about this.

So this email from GO Transit put a few people off.

At first blush, my thought was, welp, that's a little casual, but meh, whatever.

Meanwhile, in email, some of the choice comments:


Please don't destroy Thanksgiving with a poor and misguided attempt at political correctness

And in text:

NO. They did not go there.

Fuck this nonsense. Will you say something? Is there a war on Thanksgiving no one told us about?

Your thoughts? I think someone was just trying to be different. Please email GO Transit if you need more clarification. My pitchfork is in the shed and I really don't feel this is worth getting it out.


G said...

Ugh, these are the same Fox News-watching people who freak out when you say "Happy Holidays" (who knew Bing Crosby was a "social justice warrior" back in 1942!?) Thinking just maybe there's a political correctness movement to rename "Thanksgiving" to "Turkey Day", I decided to do a little online research. According to the Urban Dictionary, it's what "inane stupid people call Thanksgiving in a failed attempt to sound cute." Sounds about right. So is it political correctness run amok or GO being goofy? I think it's clearly the latter.

Bicky said...

FFS. There are bigger issues to get worked up about than this. Just someone trying to be cute, is my guess.

Bicky said...
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TomW said...

Thanksgiving in the USA: colonial overtones, commerates historical event.

Thanksgiving in Canada: crops are in. Let's eat.

Ed said...

Now I'm feeling left out.

We have ham for Thanksgiving dinner. Family member has a sensitivity to poultry meat.

I'll call anyone who says happy turkey day a twat.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

It's amazing people can be so focused on such inane shit when there are so many REAL issues one could get worked up over for those so inclined to such "hyperbole hysteria" fare.

If one is going to get that "worked up" over something it should be WORTH getting all intense over.