Monday, October 31, 2016

Unsettling statistics from the TTC today regarding sex assaults on system

Toronto Star Article

And it's not just men targeting women. A male co-worker told me of a time he had college age girls press up against him once on a swaying subway car and one actually grabbed his left buttock. When he turned to give them a look, they all giggled in response. It's never okay.


Skin Man said...

Someone grabed my package in a bar once. Full testicle squeeze, from side/behind. Never was able to figure out who did it.

I find the term sexual assult confusing, b/c groping and raping are described with the same term, but are very different. Neither are ok.

Rory said...

The TTC needs to hire more Special Constables or the Toronto Police need to increase the number of foot patrols they do on the system. Seeing any security on the system, especially outside the downtown core, is like seeing unicorn.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People are so prurient.
Thing is: Most of these offenders are also your "average Joe and Jane".
That's why the victims are always so caught off-guard. you never know who's going to do what.