Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Go Transit (well someone) moved a bus stop. Rage ensued

Three summers ago, the region of Durham made some road improvements at Trulls Road and Highway 2 in Courtice. This also included the installation of a sidewalk on the south side of 2, from Trulls Road, east to Courtice Road. Then some lines were painted on the road on the southeast corner to take advantage of how the curb moved inward and a "bus stopping lane" was born, but it was never put in use... until last Monday (you have to admire the speed of bureaucracy - it's truly breathtaking).

The GO bus (and DRT stop) was moved across the street from the southwest corner to the southeast corner. I like it. It means drivers can make their right turns onto Trulls Road without interruption, and there's a curb to step onto, unlike the previous location which was a driveway, meaning it was a long drop to the pavement if traveling on a coach instead of a double decker. Unlike myself, other passengers DO NOT LIKE THAT THE STOP MOVED LESS THAN 30 METRES. Why? Because they have to wait for a light so they can cross to the other side of Trulls Rd. to walk home. They also don't trust drivers making left hand turns (I'm with them on that one but that's part and parcel with being a pedestrian). But this one lady was having none of it. She's been crabbing to the driver almost nightly. She's insulted she wasn't consulted before the decision was made and said drivers can't just support decisions without proper consultation.

Really? Does she think a handful of drivers got together in a room and made a collective decision to move the bus stop, then, slapping their hands on the table to seal the deal, they all got up and drove out to Courtice in a pickup truck armed with a socket wrench, pullbar and hammer and moved the stop? Did they high five each other as they drove away?

I advised this passenger to call operations/customer relations/MPP/media (I'm using my sarcasm font here). She didn't feel it was necessary since telling the bus driver was enough. Okay, lady. Passive aggressiveness for the win, right?

I'm just tired of listening to her every night.


Unknown said...

The woman needs to cool it. Seriously.

DRT did a TON of changes this past summer/fall. Am I happy with most of them - no. Do I complain to the driver - no. Because they have no control over it.

Instead, when I called into Customs Service about the change, they advised me that they can't do much, and to call my regional Councillor and all that jazz. Because I was the only one doing such, the changes went forward regardless.

What did I do? I figured out a different bus to catch on the way home. Or I drive or I have walked it as well. No biggie.

Though I will admit I am not happy about crossing a major road - especially once the snow starts flying. But it is what it is, just take more time and be extra vigilant. Pretty much assume no drivers are paying attention.

Iona Pintó said...

It’s the same old story — transit Ivory Tower implements changes and staff on the front line pay the price dealing with unhappy passengers. On more than one occasion I’ve intervened to diffuse a passenger initiated situation with a driver or a CSA. After my long-winded monologue about how supervisors and upper management have let us down again, I give the passenger a contact card with key telephone numbers; GO Transit used to have them at train stations. Then I give the passenger a name, usually the president of the transit company, because starting at the top gets results faster than escalating from the bottom. I also direct passengers to and encourage them to submit a story about their experience. With all that information to digest, the passenger usually shuts up and sits down.

Alternatively, drivers can print and hand out these:

Rory said...
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Rory said...

I used to deal with this kind of thing when I worked retail. Someone would be unhappy with something or other in the store and would angrily unload on me about it. However, when I suggested that they fill in a complaint form that would generate an official response from the store's manager they would refuse and stomp off. A lot of people just want to vent at someone but don't care to do anything constructive that might actually get them what they claim to want.

I've also noticed that there are a number of people who are VERY set in their ways and will freak out about any change in their environment. Big organizations like GO Transit have to learn to simply ignore these type of people otherwise they would never be able to make any changes to the system ever.

Ed said...

I wonder how this infant handles real life setbacks that affect her in measurable way?

Just someone pretending to be in authority and can be safely ignored. I laugh out loud at people enraged with first world problems and I also congratulate the driver for not hurling abuse back. I sure wouldn't be able to hold off.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Yes, everyone knows bus drivers co-own the transit systems they work for. Or have direct ties to those who do have control over every operation the system engages in.
It's just a matter of common sense for one to deduct that driver influence alone is enough to bring about any important and critical changes needed to and within the system.

Anonymous said...

I know the stop, fortunately my wife picks me up from the station so I rarely use it, and that turn is very dangerous for pedestrian traffic. Maybe they should put a sidewalk on the east side of Trulls at that point, may make it safer. Or, alternatively, have a crossing guard at the corner, who works there untill 8pm or 9pm, And voila, we just created a new job in Durham :)