Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'd give up the train. Just until the stalker/homewrecker wannabe retires

As published in the Shout Outs section of the January 25th edition of t.o.night newspaper.

See, this is why I tell people who ride the GO to give themselves "train names" just like I've given my buddies "train names" (and myself), so in the event someone catches a name, they get a name like "Uncle" and not "XXXXX" so that wannabe homewrecker/stalkers have little to work with and can't write a creepy, disgusting Shout Out such as the one published.

What's unnerving is how this d-bag has been tailing this woman according to his Shout Out.

What's tomorrow's Shout Out I wonder? I can only imagine what he's itching to scribe, perhaps something along the lines of:

To my LSE, dark-haired beauty who would be an excellent stepmother to my 3 kids who talks a lot. Today I watched you exit the train at Union. At 7:56am, you bought a bagel at the Bagel Stop. You wanted garlic and chive cream cheese but the guy gave you plain, but you ate anyway. At 8:16am, I watched you walk up Bay Street and enter the BMO office tower. You used the glass entrance at the northwest corner of Bay and King. You took the elevator, Car # 11, and went up to the 4th floor. At 11:15am, you went to the bathroom. You like to use the stall closest to the door. At 3:30pm, you walked to the water cooler at the southeast part of your office floor and chose the yellow mug. It must be fate because yellow is my favourite colour. At 4:10pm, you walked to Union and you stopped at Marche where you sat at the fourth table, next to the window that faces Yonge Street. You're so hot. I'll ditch my wife if you say you'll marry me.

Oh yes, because nothing says love like psycho.

I know I poked fun but my husband brought up a very serious point.

Due to how descriptive that Shout Out was and considering there are people out there who can misconstrue friendliness with desire, or even interpret a smile to be something more, it was bold of the editors at t.o.night to publish that Shout Out.

Don't get me wrong. I like drama as much as you do. I did, after all, scan and publish a found love letter (which 4% of you said I'll burn in hell for so I'll see you there, then) but at least I took the time to black out names and key identifiers.

The least they could have done was not print her name. If it was me, and it's a situation where this creep has manifested a GO train love affair in his head, I'd be freaked out.


TomW said...

... or failign that, sitting in a different coach.

Anonymous said...

The fucking whack-job is stalking her!!!
Michelle, or whoever you are, start taking another train or something!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a letter to the editor of the tonight newspaper is warranted.

It's easy to make fun of a go train obsession but this could be a problem if he's gone so far as telling the world he wants to break up his marriage and name the woman, as well as where she might live and where one might find her and what she looks like. That's sick.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Anonymous. However, can one really believe what we read in the shoutouts? I bet you the staff at that paper write 80% of the content and this may be one where they went "there" on purpose to generate a reaction. I mean, CJ took the bait. No offence CJ. But didja think that maybe that's what's happening here. You run a similar show. Ever fudged a little content here and there?

C.J. Smith said...

I haven't had to yet because I have a plethora of Facebook Status updates I can go back to for "stories" but I wouldn't be surprised if you're right.

This blog averages close to 1,000 page views a week. If I get 1 or 2 comments a post that's considered a success in the blogosphere. The fact that the parking post got 19, minus the 3 I wrote, is phenomenal.

Even though it's so much easier to communicate these days because we don't have to go and buy a stamp, we're just as passive as we've ever been.

I worked for a small town newspaper in my early Journalism days. If we got three letters to the editor in one week, we patted ourselves on the back because it means people were reading.

When we didn't get a single letter, my editor would rant and rave and wonder aloud how many issues taught puppies to piss outside and how many provided the lining for Lord knows how many birdcages.

Anonymous said...

Motivating anyone to write in incredibly hard. I'm sure in the beginning the shoutouts were fabricated but they went to a full page and more people read that paper than your website so I think the metrics would be different. But if you compare 1000 a week to 1000 a day, you're not doing too bad yourself for "feedback". Congrats.

Chris said...

It's fake........nuff said

Anonymous said...

but its not funny 'fake'

Sue said...

If the tonight editors wrote it as "filler" it was far from funny and stupid to do.

I think the Shout Outs jumped the shark with this one.

Fred said...

Well this shoutout of "fuckery" as I call it did generate what it was intended to do, provided it was the donkeys at t.o.night who set it up.

Check out the replies in last night's edition (which also could have been fabricated by the same band of idiots):

To the married ‘secret admirer’ on LSE — I feel sorry for your wife and kids because you are one sorry excuse of a man. Go home tonight and be with your family like a real husband/father instead of whoring around on public transit.


I can’t believe the amount of people out there who cheat on their spouses, let alone post it in a newspaper. “I know you’re married; just wondering if you would like to have an affair with a married man with three kids?” You sir, are a pig. If you’re that bored with your marriage, you don’t deserve to have one. I guess vows mean nothing nowadays. If a divorce is not something you want, I suggest manning up and giving your wife and kids the things they deserve: Cook a romantic meal, give her flowers for no reason, take the family on a vacation, etc. - ForBetterOrForWorse

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fred's last post.
this new trend to have affairs outside of marriage is sick to me!! Im a guy AND under 30 and not hideous!! and i still find it wrong.
hope that bastards wife somehow reads it and boots him out.