Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Much respect

"GO Transit is waiving fares for Greater Toronto and Hamilton area police, fire and emergency services personnel travelling to and from Union Station for the service. Emergency workers are asked to identify themselves by wearing their uniform or carrying identification while travelling."

From Police gather to honour Sgt. Ryan Russell, story, today's Toronto Star.


pass the buck said...

considering the salaries these officers pull in, i'm sure all of them could have easily afforded the fare.

do i get a free ride when my mother dies?

Joyce W. said...

Hey, D-bag,

My dad's a firefighter. He's put his life on the line more times to save others than you can imagine.

Yes, it's a job and he gets paid but not everyone can be a firefighter. Not everyone has it in them to crawl under a burning car after a rollover to pull out an infant while suffering third degree burns to the back of his neck, but my dad did that.
Many people just stand idly by.

This officer put himself in front of a 2-tonne truck to stop someone on a rampage who could just as easily mowed down a group of kids crossing the street to get to school. Would you do that?

Show some respect, you ingrate.

Thank you CJ for posting this. These EMS, firefighters, officers and other people in service to protect our rights and freedoms do deserve our respect (and a free ride!)

C.J. Smith said...

Dear PTB,
There's always 1 jerk. Here's your sign.

I can see the funeral procession from my office tower. Chills.

Taylor said...

I thought police, firefighters and ems always rode for free on GO with proper ID...that being said, we all mourn the loss of someone whose job it is to keep us (the public) safe.

rob reason said...

Let's look at this subjectively. PTB has a point. Take the emotions out of it for a second. Why should cops, firefighters and EMS be exempt from paying a fare? GO Transit has its own security. Isn't the big fat paycheck (and I know that our emergency service personnel are some of the best paid in the world) enough?

The average Ontario police officer makes 68K. So explain to me why today is different than other days. I get the whole sacrifice arguement but no one forced anyone to do these jobs.

gary said...

@rob reason

No, you're the voice of stupid.

Did you forget that it was free for all of us on New year's Eve?


Fred said...


pass the buck said...

Well Rob, it looks like we're the minority. Meh.

Anonymous said...

avg police earnings are substaintially greater than $68K, the pension alone is worth $19K per year, and the sick and vacation benefits rock....and what about the awesome overtime pay, plus duty pay$$$$$'s

Anonymous said...

ok PTB and RR, if I agree to meet you and give you each $3.00 for bus fare, would you then stfu you selfish a-holes?

Dan said...

One of their brothers was killed by, of all things, some guy stealing a snowplow. One day of free travel isn't going to hurt anyone, just like New Years.

Granted, I never like the media oversaturation that follows a lot of events these days, but I feel sorry for the poor guy getting killed in the line of duty the way he did.

Todd said...

It has nothing to do with money. It has to do with showing solidarity. A symbolic gesture to say to all emergency workers that we understand their pain and appreciate their sacrifices.

Anonymous said...

i have a friend officer for a region in the gta, she makes $91k as an officer, works in an office!!
she is 23yrs old.