Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the way to Union ...

Like the thousands of you turnips, I also walk to and from Union Station to work and this evening what I snapped below caught my eye.

This was taken at the side of the parking garage for the Bay/Adelaide Centre on Richmond, just east of Bay.

Hydro conservation? What hydro conservation? Do you think the owners of the building enroll in PeakSaver?

Hey, let's light up an empty billboard! Great idea, Jim. Here's your $3.2 million bonus!

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Anonymous said...

I can think of so many businesses that keep lights on at night such as car dealerships. Why? I can understand security lighting but some of these dealerships are lit up like stadiums. It's such a waste and illuminating a blank billboard only dictates how the taxpayer gets punished with cost-inductive hydro plan while corporations again escape repercussions!