Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Exhibit A
Photo by Chris Lancaster via flickr

That's how many parking spaces are available at the Oshawa's GO station WHEN IT'S SUMMER.

With snowmageddon tomorrow (according to the rumors), and the plethora of jerks who will park across three spaces (Exhibit A), there will be 1,600 spaces available.

I know there will be at least one extra space because I might work from home tomorrow if the roads are crap. Where I live is fairly rural and a 15-minute drive to Oshawa can easily become an hour-long gong show.

But here's your assignment, should you choose to accept it. Please take photos of as many "park how I want to" jerks as you can and email them in so I can build up my a-hole parking hall of fame.

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Unknown said...

And hold on a minute....the car is an old piece of crap! I mean, if it were a BMW, Acura, Audi or some other high end or brand new car I could maybe, just maybe understand. But *THIS* POS....c'mon man!