Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These women talk too much

Jill, Uncle and I were on the 5:20 pm Union-Oshawa train tonight and in our quad, next to me, sat a woman who was BBM'ing her friend, Cheryl.

Because she was so intent on messaging Cheryl for most of the train ride, this woman (whose name I won't disclose) didn't realize I could read everything she was typing. She was on a smartphone with a large screen. I have fantastic vision and she was messaging her friend about Jill and I.

She wrote, "these two women next to me talk too much" and "they haven't been quiet for the whole ride".

Now, I took offense to that because there was a period between Scarborough and Rouge Hill where Jill was Facebooking on her iPhone and I was texting a person back who had been telling me all about how my website made her pee her pants on the train. Jill and I didn't say a damn thing to each other for over 15 minutes.

But I kept my mouth shut. Maybe there will be a shout out about us!

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