Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Please tell me about your mobile device/phone/PDA, whatevah

Well folks, I think the time has come for me to retire my Samshit Gravity and upgrade to something more versatile. I never anticipated this site to catch on as well as it did, and with NO advertising. Those who have shared it on Facebook and Twitter (all 1300+ of you) have done most of the work and for that, I thank you. And working with the site from my crappy webphone has become a drag. The biggest downfall is it can barely load this website and I need the site to load so I can work with it while on the train. That's the whole point.

I know there are people who have become obsessed with this website (cough) Gary (cough) and would like it to be more than it is, with several posts a day, but the reality is... I only ride the train twice a day and there are days where there is no drama. People do email and text in stories which is really what drives the website and I'm very appreciative of the effort people have made to supply content. Plus, I work full time. I have almost 2 and a half hours a day where I sit on a train and the site could benefit from that time. It already somewhat does but not without issues and limitations because of the phone.

Hands down, photos are my favourite (you all know I have a "laces out" obsession with jackass parking) but if a photo is too large, memory limitations prevent me from doing anything with them and I have to wait til later in the evening to post.

I also enjoy the text exchanges I've had with some of you, some that have not been suitable to print and some where I just haven't managed to make the time to transcribe them because I didn't expect to chat so long. It's easier when I use Roger's browser text messaging application because I can just cut and paste, but my Samshit phone doesn't allow me to forward text to email and that's why it's time to bid Adieu.

So, I wanna know. What do you have? And why. Don't just tell me to get an iPhone. That tells me nothing.

What do you recommend and do you get service between Guildwood and Pickering? There's a dead zone along that stretch where for 20 minutes I can't post, can't read email, can't browse and I lose my mind when I lose a post after typing it out on my crappy keyboard.

Currently I pay $52/month (taxes in) for 200 weekday/weekend minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging and unlimited WAP browsing. I'd like to keep the same monthly rate but have a more dynamic phone that offers web browsing and the ability to forward texts to email as well as better reception. I don't need anything that fancy. I also would like to stay with Rogers.

Email me or write a comment. I'd love to hear what you're using and if you blog from your phone - even better.


Gary said...

I am NOT obsessed. I am a fan and fans support who they adore.

What I would suggest is that you go into a Rogers Wireless store and see if you can upgrade the phone and keep the same plan. As for what phone, I would suspect that Rogers would have only a few options and of course, would expect you to switch plans and pay more in order to move to a Blackberry (my personal choice and the site works great on it).

Or, you could tell them you're switching to Telus and see what they could offer.

TomW said...

Gary, is your surname "McNeil"?

TomW said...

Oh, and I don't have a cellphone, so I can't help you. Sorry!

Gary said...

I don't work for GO. Do you?

The Flynnigans said...

I can't comment on service in your area since I wouldn't have a clue about that and not from that area.

I will recommend the Blackberry Torch though, I like the versatility of the touch screen and the slide out keyboard. Your website works beautifully on it and I can tell you that my plan is approx. $75 with half a gig of data and unless you're watching youtube video's, you'll never go over the limit. Don't quote me on that. :)

Good luck on your endeavour, let us know how you made out.


lady in pink said...

I am also a blackberry lover...I have a curve...but think a torch would do what you need...I can tell you the site loads well on it...but not sure how it will handle photo' can keep your phone and get a e-pc which is small and will def let you do everything not sure how good the wi-fi would be though in a dead zone...good luck

kary said...

I have a motorola razor and I pay $100/yr with a pay-as-you-go card. Even with that, I usually roll over $40 at years end.

My kindle gets more use.
I guess this is why am baffled with all the people on their phones all the time.

Kaylaa Claudusz #Ajax said...

Sounds to me like a Blackberry would suit your needs and you may be spending a bit more but you can try looking at your consolidated rogers bills and decide how much cable you really need and spread out the money to cover better mobile.

C.J. Smith said...

I'm hearing a lot of good about the Blackberry Torch. May be where I'm headed. Thanks for the feedback.

D said...

I have an iPhone and my husband has a blackberry. By far the iPhone is better for web. Blackerrys were made to excell in email and calendar. An iPhone excels in web browsing, creative and navigation. Plus it loads way faster. For example, by the time Ive selected, zoomed, resized and took an action on my iPhone a Blackerrys person has had to go to scroll down with the roller ball, select menu, select resize etc etc

Oh - and on an IPhone typing is silent! No onecan hear you typing because it's touch screen!

I hear the torch is a bit better with the touch screen - so you'd really have to test it out.

joe said...

I'm with D.
If you're looking for full web capability, go with an iPhone

Angela said...

iPhone 4 here. Love, love, love it. Hubby has an Android. You couldn't pay me to use it.

RonNasty said...

Maybe you should put up the advertising to help defer the costs of your new smart phone.

Anonymous said...

I am a Droid user because I didn't want to be tied to iTunes, which I would have been if I got an iPhone. I had a Blackerry previously and it served me well... many who I know today are Torch users and they find it to be easy to use...

If you have a paypal button to add to the site I will throw you some coin to support you as you've done so much to keep me from going bonkers on my way to and from work.


C.J. Smith said...

No donations necessary!

Anonymous said...

My husband has a Blackberry Curve and steals my iPhone to look at Facebook all the time. The iPhone is so easy to use and it's usually pretty fast. I actually like typing on the touch screen better than the BB key pads. The camera on it is pretty decent for a phone and it takes video too. The only crappy thing about it is that it doesn't support Flash or pdfs.

I'm with Rogers and have 1 gig of data (with free social networking - so Facebook, Twitter, etc.), 200 min I believe with early evenings and weekends, a bunch of long distance minutes (50 I think?), visual voicemail (so you can use the "app" that comes with it which lists all of your messages and you just hit "play" to hear them), unlimited texts (including pictures), etc. and I spend around $55 I think. No fees either except for one that's $2. The government fee maybe?

Mine cuts out around the same area once in a while, so I think that's just a Rogers issue.