Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crossword genius

This dude got on at Danforth and got off at Oshawa tonight (Union - Oshawa 10:13pm). Just before the train stopped, I had a chance to grab the Crossword he had been mad working on ... he with thesaurus in hand. You know where my thesaurus is from J-school? Me neither.

This guy managed to finish both the LA Times and New York Times puzzles. Why he didn't think to bring the paper home with him so he could tape it to the staff fridge at work tomorrow causes me great puzzlement. That would be something I would do and I'd write a big "Ha" with an equally big "!" on it just because I can. I actually considered passing this off as my own handiwork but my co-workers would figure me out soon enough as a poser.

I'm lucky if I can get one word out in a Crossword (any Crossword) puzzle and usually it's a clue to do with celebrities such as Oscar winner Halle -.

I suck so bad at Crosswords that I'll write over letters forty times willing the word to appear. According to (my new, most favourite site for getting through life - the same website that taught me how to enjoy a train ride), the following items help complete a Crossword: a crossword dictionary, an atlas and an almanac.

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Anonymous said...

I Call Bulls*%t! This was left on the train for a few days and a whole bunch of people took turns to finish them... Nobody's that smart! Are they?

Taylor said...

The 10:13?! On what most people took as a snow day? I am in awe of you - crossword or not. I wimped out on the 4:30.

C.J. Smith said...

I work hard.