Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Barrie riders say you're "number one" to GO Transit

... with their middle finger. And not in a good way.

It appears GO has failed to realize that not everyone hauls ass with a laptop with a remote connection or mobile WI-FI or high-speed connection to the Internet and thus, those with mobile devices, can't read special snow schedule PDFs on hand-helds. But the LSE riders could read my little JPG snapshot! Imagine that. And it only took me all of 40 seconds to create it.

So if you're schlepping it down Bay Street and you get a GO SMS (text) alert and it tells you to click to a PDF file so you know what train to take, you're shit out of luck.

Several Barrie riders wrote me to vent their frustration at this glaring oversight.

I thought GO promised better communication? Well guess what, you failed.

It's all cute and nice that someone in external relations or whatever department writes the alerts makes reference to Mother Nature being in control, but how hard is it for that same person to bang out an ordered list of the train departures or did Mother nature prevent that from happening, too? Or how about that same person link a JPG of the schedule for each corridor?

It's not rocket science.

So next time it snows, and all hell breaks loose, how about someone at GO try a little harder? M'kay?


TomW said...

Or how about including a text-based version of teh special schedule (rather than just PDF). Or even include the text in the email!

Unknown said...

I think if Go patrons ran the GO, it would be much more efficient! After all we KNOW what works and what doesn't. Thanks for the little schedule btw....can you do it again next time there is a change? LMAO!