Thursday, February 3, 2011

This picture is better in person ...

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I'm sure you saw this yourself this morning at Oshawa and this picture is better in person but basically what's happening here is the white pickup is occupying two vertical spaces so if you try to fit your car behind, you're actually too far out in the row. Also the two vans are parked "how they want to" and if you have a car bigger than a Honda Fit, you can't fit in that space because you can't open your doors! Why do people do this? Why couldn't the guy in the pickup just park properly?
I don't know why people park like jackasses so I'll just keep calling them out for it so thanks for sending this in.
Oh, and I don't case the rows in my car looking for wanton parking a-holes, so no, I didn't see this. That's the job of GO Parking Enforcement, and they do such a great job, don't they?


Anonymous said...

I saw three of these Incident in ajax, Some retard pulled in at 100 KMs an hr and was easily 2 feet from the car beside her, got out of here car and proceeded to run for the train. Not defending her but the next train was arriving 5 mins from them but if she had taken the time int he first place she could have parked properly and still made the train.

Uncle said...

What a disaster the GO lots were this morning.