Monday, May 21, 2012

Friday night mess

The 7:17 pm train was disgusting.

It originated in Oshawa and every station in bred riders who didn't bother to take their garbage with them when they got off the train. The first coach heading east was littered with coffee cups, beer cans, fast food containers and wrappers. Lazy asshats.

The foot riders were also in full force judging by the filth on most of the seats.

Nice, huh?


Subliminal said...

It is truly disgusting what I see when I travel the GO several times a week, especially on weekends and after events where adults act like reckless teenagers.
I like to walk the train between the last stop and mine and the disregard for fellow riders goes way beyond that of the occasional smoking idiot on a platform.
Do we really need for GO to hire more adults, and the resultant increase in fares to fix this problem, be it cleaners or enforcement officers, or do we just need to police ourselves and conduct ourselves accordingly as a collective?

I vote for the cheaper solution not the lazy and indifferent rider one.

Harith said...

You know how GO was willing to convert train bathrooms into little food stalls? They should convert them into trash receptacle corners instead.